Jewelry Casting
June 18, 2018
Jewelry Casting
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Loren Services

Casting - The core of Loren Castings is its casting service. Castings can be produced in any precious metal such as gold, silver, brass, and platinum. Loren uses the lost wax process to produce its castings. No other jewelry manufacturer in the United States can match Loren’s capacity and quality.

Wax Set – This service includes all castings that have stones set in the wax before it is cast in metal. This process helps the manufacturer by lowering the cost of setting stones in the finished product.

Metal Molds – Metal molds have always been popular at Loren. Metal molds, as compared to rubber, allow the wax to be injected at a higher pressure. This allows the wall of the casting to be thinner and therefore be less expensive because it will use less metal. This technique is very popular in Gents rings because it gives the ring a heavy appearance.

Models and Molds – Loren consistently creates new and exciting pieces with its extensive model and mold making capability. Loren maintains a product line and also creates exclusive products for customers.

Trade Casting – Loren is known as a trade caster that can provide quick and cost-effective service using your molds and models. Our production capacity places us ahead of other trade casters in the industry.

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